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The emerging technology I am going to focus on for my project is Skype. Skype started as an audio and textmessage method of communication between users over the Interet. Today Skype allows users to videoconference over the Internet.

In Ohio education, this technology replaces the eTech Ohio Telecommunity. The telecommunity was an attempt by the state of Ohio to make sure that all students had access to quality education no matter their physical location. This problem was identified because of Ohio’s school funding problems. My school was a part of this initiative and the piece of obsolete technology I am researching is the vTel Vista Pro model VP00224.

vTel Logo

vTel Logo

A problem with educational use of this technology is that Skype is blocked by the school computers. In order to use Skype, teachers must consult the technology department and get an override for the security system for the time of the call.
The societal need is that teachers can communicate with scholars and experts in the field for free with technology that is already in place.  .
This technology would be better if Skype allowed teleconferencing. Teleconferences have multiple users from multiple locations. Skype developed a beta for telecommunication, but no longer offers this service. You can have an audio conference through Skype.