Module 1 Blog Post

An emerged technology I have recently been exposed to is a slidecast. A slidecast combines two web 2.0 technologies; slideshare and podcasting. Essentially, a slidecast is a powerpoint that you add audio to resulting in a movie that you can embed on webpages. Here is a slidecast I completed for another course at Walden. Another benefit of this technology is that embedded powerpoints do not need Microsoft products to play on the Internet.
A problem with educational use of this technology is that students at my school are not allowed to have email accounts. This means they will not be able to post their own slidecasts. Another problem is student names on the Internet, which will be overcome by assigning students aliases for Internet publication.
The societal need that is met is that people can share their presentation and network socially. Slideshare users can bookmark other presentations and refer to them at any time. Another benefit is that you can network with other people who share your research interests.
This technology would be better if the interface slideshare uses to integrate the audio and powerpoint was more user friendly. Also, it would be nice as an educator to create student accounts.