We landed in Greece at 8 pm and went into Athens. Driving in this city is worse than anywhere I have ever been. Double/triple parking is the norm….and traffic lights and signage are suggestions…glad I am not driving. We had an orientation at the hotel and the our guide treated us to a Greek snack a couple blocks from the Acropolis. Our hotel has a great location…..other than that, it was very modest. I had lots of trouble sleeping. The next morning, we went to the Greek holocaust museum and met with the director and the outreach education coordinator. They had unit suitcases to send the schools that were really put together well. Then we went to two synagogues and was given a tour of both of them by the rabbi. We then visited the holocaust memorial which was a shattered star listing all the cities that had victims listed on the part of the star that pointed to it….it was very well done. It was 4:30, and we were leaving tomorrow morning….so I split from the group and headed to the Acropolis. As I was walking up, I noticed a band with an orchestra setting up in the theater and they were warming up to McCartney tunes. I walked up to the top which was beautiful. Unfortunately, the Acropolis was under construction. On the top, the Germans had built a bunker which allows you to see the entire city. I walked around the sites, but couldn’t stay because we had n 8:00 meeting. The meeting lasted an hour, and we went out to dinner where I got some fried cheese and spinach pies…..The pies where fried, not the fillo and feta which is one of my favorites…but they were good. After supper, I went back to see the Acropolis at night. The band that was playing was a Beatles tribute band with orchestra….they were good and it was nice to hear Hey Jude with the reverb….but I prefer The Fab Faux or Paul himself. After listening to a couple songs, I walked back down and saw a ventriloquist whose dummy was a guitar player. I decided to finish the evening with a couple songs from a live band. The band had a female singer, a guitarist, and a Greek instrument that looks like a giant mandolin. It also was played and sounded like a mandolin. I returned to the hotel and went to sleep.
This morning, we left Athens. On the way, we passed by Thebes where Aedopus was from.