So what do you do when you leave the states for a month on your last weekend…..well…..I had hoped to work in the studio a little…but yesterday’s high wind weather made me decide to unplug it so nothing happened to it (10,000 Toledo residents lost power). So I spent all day working with the bank….which seemed to be way harder than it needed to be, set up my bills to automatically come out of my bank for a month, went to Jimmie John’s for lunch, got a haircut, and finished Orange is the new Black, watched The Book Thief, and watched most of the new season of Game of Thrones……you know important stuff…..I also went shopping…..I had to get a new hard drive, camera bag, and extra memory card. I went into work and downloaded my holocaust unit so that I can work on it for the Fulbright, I spent a few hours grading, and treated myself to Nagoya in Perrysburg (a restaurant so expensive…..I can only go once or twice a year). I also traveled to Tiffin and Bellevue to visit family members and celebrate a birthday.

With all of this exciting stuff (lol), I did continue researching notgeld and ghetto money. I learned last week that the Germans had anti-Semitic money way before Hitler. During the period after World War I, the Germans had to pay reparations to the allies. The German government did this by printing large amounts of money…this made German money worthless (hyperinflation). In order to survive, local governments printed notgeld so that there was some type of currency for business. This money was printed locally and unregulated by the government. Some of this money was very anti-Semetic (see picture).

Another money related thing I did not know was that the German government printed money to be used in the ghetto. 

This money was made to look very nice to help hide what was going on from the International community. 

The last thing I did was pack….very light…the idea is to blend in…not look American…..and put a month’s worth of clothes in a carry on.

The black bag is all camera/ laptop stuff….the green is clothes….hope I can get through security…..Off to Detroit now….my next blog should be much more exciting….Warsaw here I come……