Two Holocaust Survivors

Welcome to my blog. I am going to use this site to document my experiences in the Walking Witness Project.

Here is the website for the project:

This is day five of the six day pre travel experience. On the first day, we viewed the Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors documentary On Monday, we learned how to frame pictures, use the Canon Rebel T3i camera, and use video during the morning. One of the best things I learned was using the grid and the rule of thirds.  After lunch, we traveled to the B’nai Israel Synagogue.  At the synagogue, we were introduced to Jewish services and got to meet and talk with Cantor Ivor Lichterman. The Cantor is an a cappella singer that leads the service. He shared the Byzantine sheet music and explained how to read and perform it. His father was the last Cantor in Warsaw before the war.


We also met Joel Marcovitch the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo CEO who shared current issues in the Jewish community. David Weinberg lectured us on the history of anti semitism.

On Tuesday, David Weinberg presented a brief history of the holocaust.  Then we met our guide for Greece, Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos. She introduced us to the holocaust in Greece. I was not familiar with Greece’s experience in the holocaust which happened late in the war after the Italians were defeated.

Holy Trinity

In the afternoon, we traveled to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio. Rev. Hadgigeorge discussed differences in the different ways to practice Judaism and showed us the beautiful cathedral. Then we went to the archive room in the Toledo Public library and learned about research from Donna Christian. We finished the day with a Greek meal downtown at Mano’s.

rail car

On Wednesday, we visited the Holocaust Memorial in Farmington Hills Michigan. Here, we met and talked with two holocaust survivors. We also toured the museum which includes an actual German railcar. We met with Guy Stern and Feiga Weiss learning how to research survivors and thoughts on educating students about the holocaust. Some of the interesting things at this museum was the seedling from the tree Anne Frank looked at in her book and money used in the ghetto.

On Thursday, we spent the morning talking about lesson planning and reflecting on what we have learned so far. After lunch, we learned about Theatre for Social Change from Aimee Reid. This presentation opened up some new lesson plan ideas for my students where they will create tableau scenes.


Aimee Reid

We finished the day discussing lesson plan ideas and cross curricular communication.