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I am curious about your research of the Yang and Cornelious (2005) article. You mentioned in your review of lit that they provided a list of problems with online learning. Did they include “lack of immediate feedback” in the list? I am working on KAM II and could use another source for this problem Also, do you think any of the problems they listed have been rectified with the advent of collaborative technologies in the last six years?
Nice job on your video,
Dave Harms

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Nice job on your video. I remember distinctly abandoning citation software in my second Master’s class when my professor gave me a B because of mistakes it had made. I think you made a valid point that instruction in proper citations needs to be addressed at an earlier stage. Students need to know how to check the citations to figure out if they are correct.

Nice job!

Dave Harms

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I thought the song added a lot to your video. Did you have to get permission to use it? I have known about Linux for years but have yet to experiment with it. One of my professors here at Walden only ran Linux in Brazil and we had to turn all assignments in as .pdfs. I enjoyed seeing the differences and added options iMovie has over MovieMaker. If I were doing movies on a regular basis, I would invest in a mac.

Nice job!
Dave Harms

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I enjoyed watching your video because it showed how to do a video without using stills and words such as I did. I thought your interviews were well done. Did you find any other suggestions for motivating adult learners besides continuous feedback? I agree with the finding that “lack of instant feedback” is a problem for online learners and am working with this premise in KAK II.

Dave Harms

November 21, 2010 7:13 PM

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I spent all my time wishing I had a mac with iMovie or Final Cut, I never investigated using an Abobe product. I have CS5 from work, but it does not come with Premiere Pro. I liked the way you could add two videos playing at the same time. If I would have more time, I would have liked to experiment with a better program than MovieMaker.
Nice Job,
Dave Harms

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I was working with Second Life for my original Master’s thesis until I ran into the problem of the 18 year old split between Teenworld and the real SecondLife. Without spending money to buy an island, I was not able to work in the teen world since I was over 18. I eventually had to scrap the idea. I am very excited to see your video and am curious if the Case Western representative created an island for your class to work on. Obviously, you had purchased some land to build your garden. How much was the budget to accommodate this? Working with Second Life from home is unstable and it frequently crashes on my home computer….did you experience any problems? Did the computer tech people have to update your computers every time Linden Labs updated the software?
Sorry for the questions…but I am very interested in your work.
Thank you for sharing!
Dave Harms
By the way…I made my movie with MovieMaker…but agree it is a terrible program. It is all we have for kids to use at school…so I have taken some courses in how to use it. There are some tricks to it….but it is still a very unstable program…I am also interested in the alternative program you found.