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I am very interested in the article you found on online learning in China. In 2005, I participated in a Freeman Foundation grant that allowed me to study in China. At that time, the schools we visited had over 50 students in a classroom and no technology at all. I would be interested to see how this has changed and incorporate the findings into my lessons on China.
I also like the idea of starting with the RV and fishing…..should capture people’s attention.
Dave Harms

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I am looking forward to seeing your project when it is done. I had a question, is your topic specific enough or do you think people at the conference will need a general overview? Just something that came to mind while reading your storyboard. I am introducing Dr. Pratt from Palloff and Pratt. He is my mentor here at Walden and he provided me with his presentation on the future of elearning which he is using at conferences. Good luck,
Dave Harms

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I am excited to see your project. I was working with Second Life for my Master’s Thesis for a while in 2008 until I realized that my students (15-20) would be split into separate worlds due to the 18 year old split. I have read about the teen world, but have never seen it in action. I have worked with lots of Second Life simulations and am curious if the teen world has the same features. Does your school have an island? If so, how were you able to sell the cost to the administration? I participated in a science lab (Chemistry) in Second Life and was blown away by the possibilities. I had to change my Master’s thesis to using wikis to enhance content area writing because my students could not participate in an experiment, but I would love to work with the environment in the future again.
Dave Harms