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I also get frustrated when group members do not pull their own weight when I am collaborating. I was not a fan of collaboration until I started teaching secondary career technical education. Many of these students learn best by collaborating with each other. I also see the theoretical benefit collaborative learning adds. Collaborative learning is still not my personal choice for my education, but I do enjoy teaching in a collaborative environment.
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Sometimes I wonder if students have dropped the class when learning through online collaborative learning. I visit their wikis and blogs every module and never see any updates. Last semester we were assigned group members and one was a no show and another only participated on the last day after we had completed all of the work. Is there a way teachers can let participating students know if someone has dropped the class?
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I found your post fascinating. The idea of only giving a C for individual work intrigued me. As a secondary teacher, I can just imagine the parent phone calls to my supervisor. Did you have to get permission from your dean to adopt this policy? Has it ever been challenged by a student/ parent? I also adjunct at a local college. Students need a C in my class to receive credit. How would this situation work out with the individual policy?
Sorry for all the questions, I like your idea and want to find out more about it.
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