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One of the strengths of an online course is the ability for students to complete their work anytime instead of having to be online at the same time. If the professor is using live webcam lessons, does that mean every student has to be online at the same time? I have had to do that in some classes at Walden and it is very difficult to do when people live in different timezones. One professor had to schedule three times to accommodate students from around the world.


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Besides participating in discussions, how are online students participating in conversations? I have used both blogs and wikis to create conversations in the past and am looking for new methods to increase communication in online courses.
Thanks, Dave

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Have you had any experience with the negative impacts of the anonymous factor in online communication? We are struggling with online bullying at my high school. In the first nine weeks; we had a student posting pictures of her teacher and adding inappropriate comments on Facebook. Her defense was that she had done it outside of school. We had to amend our student handbook to include online bullying and online harassment. There are both positives and negatives to the anonymous factor in online learning.

Dave Harms