Today is my last day in Jordan. We leave the hotel for the last time tonight at 11 PM and wait in the airport until 3 to leave. Yesterday, we toured a mosque in the morning. The mosque was built special to allow foreigners to tour it. The ladies in our group had to put on conservative dress and cover their hair to go inside. After touring the Mosque, and touring the obligatory gift shops, we drove to view a mosque that wasn’t for tourists from the outside. The women left to get henna, while the men returned to the hotel to work on lesson plans. I have one almost completed on an introduction to twentieth century Middle Eastern history. We took our guide out for dinner and then rented a school gymnasium for two hours to have a Jordan/ US football rematch. This time, I scored a goal and I am not sure who won because we mixed teams because we had too many players.

I am eating breakfast at the hotel for the last time. I got sick on scrambled eggs here a few days ago, so my breakfast consists of coffee. Today is a lecture, and then working on lesson plans all day. I have to pack my bags and be ready to go at 11 PM to go to the airport. Our plane leaves at 3 in the morning and we will arrive in Detroit Thursday at 6 – if everything goes smoothly….