we didn’t get to go to the Turkish bath that day because it was only for girls during the day. As the girls had their bath, we went back to Rainbow Street, but everything was closed. I headed for a falafel place, but it was not open yet. The group went to a type of pizza place that was very good…like a mix of cheese sticks and pizza (no tomato sauce) that was very good. We sat around for two hours until the girls finished their bath and then we jumped on the bus to go out of Amman to a nice Mediterranean style restaurant for another version of Mansaf (rice, lamb, and yogurt). The day was rather slow because it was the weekend here.

Sunday is Monday in the Arab world. We traveled to the University of Jordan for lectures on United Nations Education in Palestinian Refugee Camps, Palestinian Experiences, and Jordan immigration issues. We had lunch in the cafeteria (mystery meat lasagna…..yuck) and went to another lecture on Arabic language instruction. Girls have dorms on campus, but they are locked in at 7:30. Men have to live off campus. After the University, we went downtown to eat at a Seafood Restaurant. Since I do not eat seafood, I had our guide find me the best falafel sandwich in downtown Amman….it was awesome. We did a little more shopping and returned to the hotel.

Today, we returned to the University of Jordan for a lecture on Jordanian Art and another on Education in Jordan before heading to a bookstore and eating Shwarmas. Then it was time for the guys to go to the Turkish Bath which was a big disappointment for me. Essentially you go into a steam room, then you go in a hot tub, then some guy washes your body, then you get rubbed down, then they put face stuff on you, you steam room again and are done. I am glad I did it, but I doubt I will ever do that again. We returned to the hotel to find the Internet was down again….so I went to a restaurant with high speed Internet and had a burger (tasted like a griller) and updated the blog. Tomorrow I am visiting a mosque and writing lesson plans…..two more full days in Jordan and then the long flight home.