We went to the Roman ruins in Amman. The country is getting ready for a live concert on top of the ruins which was interesting. There was some interesting reconstructions of the ruins by Spain. The museum had lots of the better statues from the rest of the country and…..two Dead Sea Scrolls! Then we visited the Roman theater which had an interesting museum of traditional Jordanian clothing. There were more gold coins in both of these museums than I had ever seen before. The Bedouin used to show their wealth by drilling holes in the coins and sewing them into their clothes. We traveled to the old market section of Amman where I bought a traditional Bedouin outfit and had lunch at a local restaurant. We had some time to visit the shops in Amman and then we went to the Jordan Art Museum which featured modern art by Arabic countries as well as Benin and North Korea. Many of the pieces were very good. After the museum, we loaded up and returned to the hotel to meet and discuss our ideas for lesson plans. Then we packed back in the bus and went to a new 5 star restaurant outside of  even had a chef cook falafels to order. I ate way too much. We had to say goodbye to one of our guides as this was his last day. We returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Today we went to the US embassy in Jordan to talk with USAid…an organization funded by the US to help developing countries. We had two lecturers. The first explained the different programs the US was involved in in Jordan including legal reform and election policy. The second talked about US involvement in education in Jordan. It seemed like the program was doing everything except help teachers who have the lowest salary in Jordan. In Karak, there is a teacher movement to strike. The King has agreed to a 12% raise over the next year. The embassy was surrounded by walls and machine gun nests and security was tight. After the meeting with USAid, we traveled to the Fullbright house in Jordan where we were treated to Jordanian pizza which has very little tomato sauce. The director of the Fulbright program was very nice and invited us to apply for Fulbright Scholar Awards. After the Fulbright house, we went to a modern art museum housed in an English dignitary’s home during  Jordan’s inclusion in the English Empire. The art here was very modern, a stark contrast to the English garden built on top of a Roman ruin. The patio even used some of the original Roman mosaic. We returned to the hotel and cleaned up to return to old Amman to have falafels. Then we went to a coffee shop and talked for awhile before coming back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are going to a Jordanian orphanage.