We visited Little Petra…a small trading site out side Petra. There, we saw some original wallpaper paintings (there aren’t any in Petra). We hiked through little Petra, through the Wadi until we reached the outskirts of the Petra site…where we camped. The Bedouin made us dinner, and then we went to the Shake’s house. The Skake is the leader of the Bedouin tribe. I am not sure if it is actually spelled Sheik….but it is pronounced Shake. We were his guest for the World Cup Final…which he let us watch on his rooftop. I was really tired…and the game did not have much action…and I fell asleep on the couch. We all loaded back into the back of s-10 size Toyota trucks and sped back to the campsite. Once we arrived there….we were encountered with a scorpion…which our guide immediately killed. We slept in tents on the Petra site.

The next morning, we awoke to yet another scorpion incident (they like the heat). Luckily, no one was hurt. We loaded our packs and hiked into Petra through the mountains…..A breathtaking view! Since we have Bedouin guides…we are able to camp on the site. To avoid the tourists…we went from the rear of Petra (the Monastery) and worked our way forward. We traveled through the rear of the site…and than we had 4 hours of free time. I took the paths wherever I could go. I visited some sites that were being used by the Bedouin as goat shelters and did a lot of walking. I bought a supposed Nabatean coin from a Bedouin woman and found a piece of pottery on the ground. At four, the group traveled to see the Petra Mosaics. Here are the spotted camels and the famous girl cutting the wheat (The Mona Lisa of Jordan). I can’t wait to share some of the pictures. We visited some of the tombs and hiked to our campsite located in the area of the snake. We camped in the shadow of the snake monument. The Bedouin prepared us a meal and we finished the evening singing around the campfire. As a group, we could not think of a single song that we all knew the words to. I was really missing my guitar…the closest we got was “When I’m 64” by the Beatles.

When we woke up this morning, we traveled over the mountains to visit the sacrafice site and then we worked down the mountains to the main site of Petra. This is one site you do not want to miss. I will post some pictures because the site is beyond words. After seeing the Treasury, we traveled out the mile path to modern Petra. I paid $5 to ride a horse just like Indian Jones through the path….awesome….Tomorrow we visit a university and then on to Wadi Rum…..Post when I can