This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise on the Wadi at the Dana nature reserve.

I got up a 7 to get packed and drink some coffee….but they didn’t put out any water until 8:30. During this time I worked on my homework. We ate breakfast and toured the craft shops. The silversmith ladies gave me another tour. They were making 1000 letter openers for the King to give away at a banquet. Then we went to the jam making facility. They were making plum jam. They cook it, can it, and label it all at the same facility. We loaded our bus and went to Shawbak Castle, the oldest crusader castle in Jordan…built 50 years before Karak. This castle is not on the tourist route to Petra and is largely ignored. In many ways, it was better than the restored castle at Karak. This castle has many underground tunnels including one that goes all the way down the mountain to a water source. I made a deal with the local vendor and bought 2 Roman coins….supposedly authentic….but I will have to wait until I get home to check. We loaded back in the bus and traveled to Little Petra. We were joined by 4 Bedouin guides for our journey to Petra. They served us a Bedouin picnic on the ridge above the Wadi with Petra in it. Then the Bedouin Sheik invited us to his home until it cooled off enough to hike to Little Petra. This is where I am posting…we will have no email (or electricity for that matter) for the next three days. I will write and post when I can.