Yesterday, the trip made the BG paper: It took me until tonight to get an internet connection strong enough to read it. We left Amman this morning and traveled to the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. The site is on the Israel/ Jordan border. Since the Jordan river has decreased in size, the original site is thought to be on the Jordan site where they have found the remains of three churches. We left the baptism site and traveled down to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. At the Dead Sea, we stopped at a beach and had a swim. The water is so salty, it makes you float. I could not even do the breast stroke because I could not keep my legs under water. After a swim, I covered myself in mud from the Dead Sea for a mud bath. Following the Dead Sea, we went to a Roman style bath house built on a hot spring. The bath house consisted of three rooms; the changing area, a steam room, and a pool. The water was really hot, but the steam room was intense. From there, we went to a natural hot waterfall and swam under it. The waterfall is created by a hot spring on top of a mountain, and the caves are full of steam that act as a steam room. We traveled on to Madaba, where we will be for two days. We had an excellent meal and bid out tourism police officer and our guide ado as we change guides. We have covered all we are going to cover in Northern Jordan. Tomorrow, we go to Mt. Nebo and will see the mosaic map at St. George’s.