This morning I awoke at the campground and traveled to the camp style shower. I had to make three trips since I forgot my contacts in one and my shampoo in another. After packing up, we went to breakfast. I picked up what I thought was cheese, cut into squares and popped it in my mouth. It turned out to be butter…..not a good surprise. We loaded ourselves up into the bus and traveled to Ajloun Palace – a restored castle that was breathtaking. From the top, our guide told us we could see Lebanon and Palestine.  After the castle, we traveled to Pella which is famous for its columns. I was the only one who wanted to travel down the steep hill, so I ended up running the entire way. The site was amazing. It had the famous columns as well as a theater that was filled with water. The best thing about this site was that it was not being rebuilt by the government. Pella was huge, but many of the buildings are reduced to ruble. After Pella, we traveled to Um Quais…another major Roman city. Um Quais overlooks Israel right across the water. The site has columns made out of marble, limestone…and lava rock that is only found in Jordan. These columns are black…which is quite a contrast to usual Roman cities. The city was massive…..and very well preserved. I can barely describe it without using pictures…..the Internet here is not strong enough for pictures right now…so I will have to wait to share them. After Um Quais, we traveled back to Amman, stopping to view one of Jordan’s dams. We returned to Amman, and I went downtown to get a Jordanian haircut. My barber did not speak English…but the neighbor in the next shop did. The neighbor was really creepy, but the barber did an excellent job. I returned to the hotel, wrote this blog and watched the World’s Cup… Uruguay against Netherlands. Right now, the Netherlands is up 1-0. We are leaving Amman for 11 days, so I am not sure when I will be able to post next. Tomorrow I will be swimming in the Dead Sea.