Today we left Amman and traveled to the Northern section of Jordan. First we went to a modern Mosque and toured it. Located beside the mosque was the location of one of the seven slippers.

Then we traveled on to an ancient castle that was used as a meeting place that contained eighth century graffitti.

After Qaser Al Kharaneh, we went to Qusir Amra which was a Umayyad bath house from 711 AD.  Inside we treated to amazing frescoes. Here is an example:

After Qusir Amra, we went to Qasr Al Azraq which is where Lawrence of Arabia made his home base. It was built by the Nabatean’s, who built Petra. Later it was taken over by the Romans.

After that we went to the Azraq wetland reserve, which has been almost drained because of the demand for drinking water. We did see some water buffalo, but the birds that used to be in the 100,000’s were reduced to less than 100……

Today we were 180 miles from Iraq and 30 miles from Saudi Arabia. We are sleeping in an old army hospital that has been converted into a lodge. It was 101 degrees today…and it felt like it…..tomorrow……on to Jerash!