We landed in Jordan at 2 AM after one of the most grueling plane rides I have been on. I had the back seat right by the bathroom, which had a waiting line the entire flight. They served lamb as the meal which was interesting. After sleeping for the first time in a bed until 2, we enjoyed a hotel lunch consisting of kabobs, bread and hummus. After lunch, I took a walk and took some pictures.

There is a supermarket right beside our hotel. I brought an English adapter, but the hotel requires a European adapter (two prong). I was able to buy one at the computer store for about $1.50. I was able to charge one of my batteries before it was time to head to a coffee shop to watch the World Cup. Germany v. Brazil. Never underestimate the power of the World Cup in other countries. In the coffee shop, there are jerseys for both sides. There is a table of little kids dressed in Argentina jerseys with clown wigs and vuvuzelas. I am having a Turkish coffee, which is very strong and very bitter. Germany won the game. After the game, we had a group dinner.

Dinner consisted of three courses. The first course was a combination of 10 different appetizers. The second course was three differently prepared kabobs and French Fries. For desert we had watermelon. I had mango juice to drink, followed by a Turkish coffee.